Extreme Electronics™ Corp is the leading provider of GPS tracking and asset protection tracking solutions. We believe that combined experience and leadership of our team gives way to innovative, reliable products and services.

The company was founded in 2007, after decades of combined experience working in the GPS monitoring service industry and is the proprietor of the Extreme Vehicle Monitoring System™. Our system has helped thousands of business owners drive down operating costs and expenses, increase their earnings, awareness of driver behavior, dramatic increases in productivity, substantial fuel savings. The program includes tracking, analytics, minute-by-minute route verification and more.

Our goal is to provide clients with top-tier vehicle and asset monitoring solutions, reliable products and services.  Customer service is our top priority and along with our combined experience, team leadership and years of hard work; we have cemented our reputation as the industry’s most reliable GPS monitoring service provider; and a testament to the quality of service we provide only proves why we are still the industry’s go-to GPS tracking provider.

Decades Of Combined Experience

We founded Extreme Electronics™ Corp in 2007, after decades of combined experience working in the GPS monitoring service industry. We wanted to provide clients with top-tier vehicle and asset monitoring solutions, with our combined experience and team leadership making for innovative, reliable products and services. Through years of hard work, we’ve cemented our reputation as the industry’s most reliable GPS monitoring service provider.

Stephen Glascoe

Stephen comes from a long history in the automotive industry, working in the automotive industry for over 37 years. Beginning at a young age, Stephen started working in his father’s service station. After years of service with his father’s business; this drove a new passion; rebuilding old cars and street rods. With every car he figured it needed a custom sound system where he moved his attention to creating and installing custom sound systems for automobiles and marine. Because of his wide range of knowledge, Stephen was sought after by the auto dealer industry and aftermarket accessory departments. Custom vehicles have now become part of the in-house accessory dept creating a new revenue stream for the car dealership industry.

While working in the car automotive industry Stephen had the opportunity to design and build custom cars and sound systems for entertainers and ball players all over the United States. Stephen also found a passion as a highly experienced fabricator which introduced him to upfitting police vehicles which included all electronics, prisoner cages, false floors, interior and exterior lighting; long distance door releases for K-9, custom gun racks to accommodate the different firearms.


At the age of 16 I became a junior volunteer firefighter. This started a lifelong commitment to public safety. I studied electrical construction in high school and subsequently sought out jobs using those skills. I installed clean agent fire suppression systems with LOCAL commercial fire protection company until starting a career with the city of Allentown PA, first as a 911 dispatcher and then in the technical services division where I was responsible for all the communications equipment and upfitting and repairing equipment in police, fire, EMS and public works vehicles.

During that time, I also served as a Detective with the Lehigh County district attorney’s office in the central booking center. I know firsthand the importance of public safety equipment and fast accurate electronic data.  I continue that commitment with Extreme Electronics™.  I take great pride in knowing that the equipment I install continues to serve in the best interest of public safety and the safety of employees. That equipment ranges from the unblinking eye of video surveillance systems and our GPS systems that provide fast, unbiased data. Knowing that I’m helping to keep people and property safer, prosecuting the guilty and just as important, exonerating the innocent keeps me motivated and will continue to do so well into the future. 


At the age of 15 I was a volunteer fireman for City of Mount Rainier for ten years where I learned firefighting skills and EMS training. This is where I began learning to install emergency lighting and sirens on fire trucks. Furthering my training and education in automotive mechanics, while working for the City of Hyattsville, maintaining a fleet of 25 vehicles and several small engine equipment such as weed eaters and riding mowers. Opportunity came along for the city police department removing and installing light bars and sirens.  Schooling opportunities offered by the city allowed me to take training courses through Ford Motor Company and General Motors where I gained knowledge in the electrical side of auto mechanics.

During this time, I also joined Sea Scouts, which is a part of the Boy Scouts of America.  Here was where I found the opportunity to work part-time and learned how to maintain, repair and rebuild boats. And gained proficiency doing electrical repairs and electrical system overhauls on the marine side. Since the boats were always donated to the Scouts, there was always opportunity to learn, fix and train our youth to repair and maintain boats, along with seamanship skills.  I also held training classes for the youth and adults in scouts and basic electrical repairs. 

At 23, I spent the next 15 years working at Town of Cheverly, for 8 years and then 7 years with Maryland National Park and Planning commission, basically working on all equipment from a weed eaters, riding mowers, police cars, dump trucks, snow plows trash trucks. In 2010, I started temporarily driving for FedEx ground delivering packages and in 2019, I began working for Extreme Electronics giving me the opportunity to get away from the mechanical side of repairing trucks and into electrical repairs and equipment installations of GPS telematics devices, camera systems both VEDR and 360 blindside camera systems, anti-theft devices along with wide variety of repairs

Extreme Vehicle Monitoring System™

The Extreme Vehicle Monitoring System™ has helped thousands of business owners drive down operating costs and increase earnings. Our clients experience a dramatic increase in productivity, substantial fuel savings and greatly reduced operating expenses. 


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