Descartes GroundCloud AIR-II VEDR

VEDR telematics equipped with the latest Machine Vision/Artificial Intelligence (MV/AI) technology, designed to enhance safety across your fleet and maintain compliance with changing regulations.

Taking Vehicle and Driver Protection to the Next Level

The Descartes GroundCloud AIR-II vehicle event data recorder (VEDR) takes vehicle and driver protection to the next level. With cutting-edge AI capabilities and a suite of features designed for unparalleled safety and convenience, the AIR-II sets a new standard for VEDR systems. By instantly recognizing risky behaviors and unsafe practices, we empower you with the proactive safety measures you need to help protect your drivers and assets. With seamless integration into your daily operations, our solution becomes an essential tool in ensuring the well-being of your team and enhancing overall road safety.

Driver Safety Assistance

Recognize and prevent accidents before they happen. AI-powered safety monitoring keeps a watchful eye on both driver behavior and road conditions, detecting potential risks and alerting drivers with audible feedback in real-time to help foster safer driving habits and reduce the risk of accidents.


On the Road

Wide-view road monitoring, with AI-powered safety alerts for:

In the Cabin

Full cabin view, with real-time professional coaching for:

Culture of Safety

Keep safety top of mind with reactive coaching that provides drivers with clear guidance for improvement. Automated coaching modules can be sent in response to unsafe driving events alongside footage of the incident to ensure comprehensive understanding and reinforce professional driving practices. Event history and driver training records empower you with insights and analysis to identify areas for improvement and foster a culture of safety within your operation.

GroundCloud provides seamless device integration and Key Indicator support with advanced dashboards for simple and effective safety monitoring. With real-time vehicle location and on-demand live video capabilities, you’re always in the know, no matter where your fleet goes. Watch drivers live through your management portal, or request footage for a specific incident without the need to remove the device or waste time scrolling through raw footage.

Simple & Effective Monitoring

Compliance & Protection

Stay compliant with the latest VEDR safety standards and help protect your fleet with the latest MV/AI technology. With our AI cameras, you not only mitigate the risk of compliance issues but can also safeguard your business against liability and claims. Plus, with the AIR-II’s extended backup battery and tamper-proof design, rest assured that recordings are captured before, during, and after any incidents, even in the event of power loss. Stay compliant and protected with confidence.

90%+ KI Pass Rate: Our customers have utilized VEDR safety insights to achieve over a 90% pass rate for Key Indicators!

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