Plug N Play GPS Device w/OBD Cable


Requires monthly airtime subscription $ 19.95 per device. 

The EXT195DTCPNP is our plug-and-play fleet tracking device that requires virtually no installation. It simply plugs into the vehicle’s OBDII port in seconds. If you can plug in a lamp you can install this device. The device is compatible with most cars and trucks manufactured after 1996, and it is built with the quality components needed to meet the high reliability and the large amounts of data required for continuous fleet tracking.   


Reports once per minute (plus turns) when vehicle is on and a heartbeat every 4 hours when off.  

Internal cellular and GPS satellite antennas reduce installation time and support a covert installation (with the use of an optional Y cable)  

Internal back-up battery allows us to report even if the device power is compromised, tampered with or disconnected from the OBDII port (lasts approximately 60 minutes if the vehicle/unit is moving, longer if its stationary).  

capable of storing and forwarding all satellite tracking data (once the Device recognizes cellular connectivity) up to 4MB to support message logs, which is Critical if and when any vehicle travels beyond a cellular network. 

  Includes “smart power management,” which allows the device to recognize when a vehicle is turned off, triggering the device’s “sleep mode” and significantly reducing the possibility of the device causing any vehicle battery issues.  

Utilizes the 4G LTE CAT M1 cellular networks to transmit all the vehicle generated data (an unlimited cellular data plan is included with your service). We currently do not use a Multicarrier/Multinational SIM for this device. This device uses an AT&T SIM exclusively. When in Canada, the device will utilize the TELUS cellular network. When in Mexico and the Caribbean the device will utilize either AT&T or Telefonica.  

Vehicle Diagnostics: has the ability to capture the key diagnostic codes from the vehicle’s Engine Control Module (ECM) via the OBDII port. It captures the Check Engine Light and Active Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC). 



Web based; providing access to your fleet information limited only by your access to the internet. Fleet tracking is set at 1 minute + plus turns.  

Vehicle Diagnostics are captured from the OBDII port. This provides   

Virtually real time alerts for the Check Engine Light & active Vehicle 

  Diagnostic trouble codes that allow the vehicles issue to be handled promptly   

Supports “closest vehicle” worker dispatch functionality providing accurate ETAs and reduce wasted time between jobs and improve customer relations.  

Provides real-time location, speed, heading, stopping and mileage data.  

Track maintenance schedules based upon real time mileage data.  

Provides hard braking and hard acceleration information to help reduce or eliminate unsafe driving behavior.  

Monitor idling to reduce fuel and unnecessary wear on your vehicle.  

Provides exact arrival and departure data relative to any task, which will increase billing accuracy and reduce billing write-offs and disputes.  

Provides the ability to create customized zones (landmarks) and receive data relative to the entering, exiting and time spent within each customized zone.  

Mapping with Google Street View and Google Earth integration.  

Unlimited users (no additional software license fees or charges).  

Custom Map Icons (including the ability to input actual photos of each of your vehicles).    

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