Video Camera System (VEDR)

We are the proprietors of a dual-camera system (road and driver-facing) known as VEDR. We have systems capable of utilizing up to eight cameras, guaranteeing safety for even the largest, most expensive vehicles. The features of this service include but are not limited to:

  • Video recording starts when your vehicle’s ignition is turned on.
  • An auto-timer is set to 15 minutes when your vehicle is off. This can be extended if necessary.
  • We integrate a panic button into the system for your added security.
  • We offer optional “ALARM IN” capability, allowing you to do things like wiring the video system to a door switch.


10 Videos

Our reports enable business owners to verify time sheets accurately, leading to reduced overtime expenses. Customers can compare hours operated by each vehicle, thereby controlling productivity, and establish exactly how much time their vehicles spend at locations like supply houses, customer sites, or unauthorized locations. These reports allow for accurate validation of the cost of each site visit. Extreme Vehicle Monitoring System™ provides numerous reports suited to tighter control and accurate measurements of vehicle activity.

Reduced Overtime Expenses

Extreme Vehicle Monitoring™ Tutorial

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